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  UBaby Growth (ver 1.60) for iPhone/iPod Touch
   - One of the most popular baby growth applications in the AppStore.

Track and Compare!
Track the growth of your kids easily using the exciting iPhone/iPod Touch platform. UBaby Growth provides both U.S. CDC and WHO growth standards. Not just track, now you can compare the growth of your kids too.
An immunization tracking function is also added with this release.
Download from the Apple iTune Store. (Released on March/18/2010)

Release 1.60: Introducing Backup and Restore Service: (Apr/05/2011)
     There is no need to worry about losing your data anymore. The backup and restore service is simple and secure. With just one-click, all growth records are archived on our secure data server. No registeration or login is required, no password to remember. To protect your privacy, backup and restore service is only allowed on the same device. No records will be shared or used by any third party.

Release 1.50: Major function improvements: (Jan/22/2011)
  1. Capture and send growth chart via email
  2. Set user's preference on
    input unit, standard, chart range and color scheme
  3. Set age using birthday by default
  4. Growth charts now have 4 color schemes
  5. Use actual percentage instead of percentage ranges on measurement window
  6. UI navigation update, much easier to navigate.

Track and Compare
UBaby provides the following functions in one package:
  • Manage child profiles
  • Manage growth measurements
  • Supports Weight/Height/Head Circumference/BMI measurements
  • Supports multiple units for data entry
  • Extensive growth chart view support
  • Compare growth charts between two children
  • Manage immunization records
  • Quick immunization fact sheet
  • Quick check growth mesasurement without child profile
  • Capture growth chart and send via email (new in v 1.50)
  • Manage user preference (new in v 1.50)

  • Home Screen
  • Measurement - Allow user to enter measurement data for a child or quickly check the growth measurement without a profile
  • Add New Child - Create new child profile
  • Set user's preference (new in v1.50)
  • All children are listed on the home view

  • Measurement:
    Use this view to manage measurement data for a child, or to quickly check the growth chart.
  • Use the arrow buttons to navigate through all measurements
  • Use the new(+) button to insert a new measurement record
  • Enter growth measurement using different units
  • Click the percent button to show the current measurement on growth chart
  • Use the remove button to delete the current measurement
  • Use the update button to make changes to the current measurement

  • Child Home View
    This is the home view for a child. You can manage the profile, and manage growth and immunization history records.
  • Edit child profile, change name, photo, doctor information
  • Use the remove button to remove this child profile
  • View the entire growth history
  • Remove all growth measurement data
  • View the entire immunization history
  • Remove all immunization records

  • Growth Chart History View
    View the entire growth history of your child.
  • Set Type: Weight/Height/Head Circumference/BMI
  • Zoom-In/Zoom-Out
  • Set Range: 0-2 Year/0-5 Year/2-10 Year/All
  • Set Standards: CDC/WHO
  • Set Color scheme: (new in v1.50)
  • Compare with other children
  • Capture growth chart (new in v1.50)
  • Capture growth chart and send via email (new in v1.50)
  • Show growth chart using different units

  • Light Background with Comparison

    Attach growth chart to email

    Growth Chart Setup
    You can customize the growth charts:
  • Chart type: Weight/Height/Head Circumference/BMI
  • Time range: 0-2 Year/0-5 Year/2-10 Year/All
  • Standards: CDC/WHO
  • Color scheme: (new in v1.50)

  • Backup and Restore Service(new in v1.60)
  • Growth records are archived on our secure data server
  • To protect your privacy, backup and restore are only allowed on the same device
  • To protect your privacy, only the growth records are archived, photo is not included.
  • Easy to use, no registeration or login is required, no password to remember
  • There is no need to worry about losing your data anymore
  • Note: Please review the privacy and usage policy in the app.

    Immunization Home View
    Manage immunization records, (most common vaccines are included):
  • Schedule an immunization
  • Complete an immunization
  • Remove an immunization record

  • Vaccine Detail
    Provides additional information about the vaccine.

    UBaby Growth
    Delivers the best value!
    Get this fun application!

    iPad Version Coming Soon!

      Customer Comments
  • I am a paediatrician working in London, congratulate you to a simple and effective growth chart application.
  • I love the layout of this application.

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