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  UColor! (ver 1.22) for iPad
Exclusive for iPad! 4 in 1!
Developed exclusively for the new iPad! Now you have a fun color book on the go at any time. Not only UColor is a fun application for young children to color pictures, at the same time they can practice math and music skills too.

Download from the Apple App Store. (Updated on Jan/04/2011)

Release 1.22: Bug fix: Fixed an application lock up issue for iOS4.2. Please update your application on the App Store. (Jan/04/2011)
Release 1.21: Updated for iOS4.2. (Dec/05/2010)
Release 1.20: Introduced interactive puzzle mode and now you can save pictures to the iPad photo album. (Aug/15/2010)
Release 1.10: Added Puzzle mode. Color pictures and play tile puzzle. (May/17/2010)
Release 1.01: Added 14 new pictures, 40 pictures in total. (Apr/16/2010)

Please email us at support@wxyzsoftware.com if you'd like to get a promotion code. (While they are still available.)

Color Book: 4 in 1
UColor provides 3 coloring modes:
  • Color Me!
    Color pictures by picking colors from palette directly.
  • Color Math!
    Color pictures by answering math questions.
  • Color Music!
    Color pictures by matching music notes.
  • Puzzle!
    Released in 1.10. Play tile puzzle game using the beautiful pictures you colored.

  • Exclusive For iPad
    UColor was developed exclusively for the iPad, it takes full advantage of the large screen and strictly follows the iPad human interface development guide. The application supports any orientation and the pictures are bright and beautiful on the iPad.
  • Support all 4 orientations
  • Initial release contains 26 pictures
  • 14 Pictures were added in the most recent release (1.01)

  • Color Math!
    Color Math allows user to color pictures by answering math questions.
  • 3 levels of challenge: Easy, Normal or Hard
  • Enter answers directly using the provided keypad

  • Color Music!
    Color Music allows user to color pictures by matching music notes.
    It's a great way to learn music notes for beginners.

    Play tile puzzle game using pictures colored by you or the default colors.
    3 different levels:
  • 12 Tiles: 3 x 4
  • 16 Tiles: 4 x 4
  • 20 Tiles: 4 x 5

  • Beautiful Pictures
    A total of 40 beautiful pictures to choose from, more are on the way.

    Full Picture List
    Release 1.00: 26 pictures
    Release 1.01: 40 pictures

    Note: This list may contain unreleased pictures.

    Color Me!
    Bring this beautiful color book with you at all time. Enjoy it!

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